Photo Collage with You dont look blind [slash] disabled. Next to a pair of glasses, lipstick container, candle, book, phone, paper tablet and flowers.

What is Low Vision?

Low vision is a vision problem that makes it hard to do everyday activities. It can’t be fixed with glasses, contact lenses, or other standard treatments like medicine or surgery.  You may have low vision if you can’t see well enough to do things like: Read, Drive, Recognize people’s faces, Tell colors apart or see your television or computer screen clearly. 

-NEI (National Eye Institute, https://www.nei.nih.gov/. 8-1-2020.
Photo of Tenacious Blind Girl. Woman in red hat sunglassesses holding white cane under the blind lady tavern in Columbus, Ohio.
Photo of Tenacious Blind Girl under Blind Lady Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. She has brown hair, wearing hat, sunglasses, purse and white cane.

MUTUAL BENEFIT: LVSG is a mutual benefit corporation designed for organizations that exist solely to benefit those in need and offer services for free.

Mission, Values and Goal

Our Mission: To prove even with low vision, the light at the end of the tunnel is still ON.

Our Goal: To be the premier online support group for those living with low vision.

HOPE: Medical science may not be able to restore our eyesight, but hope can be restored when users connect with, inspire, and empower others.

ACCESSIBLE: Born out of a passion for making the world more accessible, a legally blind nurse (RN) founded and built with physical handicaps using cutting-edge assistive technology. Members have control over their data, privacy, and user experience.

COLLABORATIVE: No shareholders, no bottom-line or hidden agenda.

MEMBER-CENTRIC: Members determine the content, planning, design and propose of LVSG.

REGISTER TODAY! Here are just a few of the benefits:
SOCIAL NETWORK DEDICATED TO LOW VISION: ANYONE impacted by low vision caused by any SIGHT-STEALING condition, their loved ones, caregivers, eyecare professionals, etc. are ALL WELCOME! We are committed to providing members with the same features and functionality we have all come to expect of the “big name” social media sites.

A diagnosis of any SIGHT-STEALING condition that may result in total blindness can understandibly be one of the most devastating  things an Opthalmologist will ever tell you. It is commonly accompanied by fear, hopelessness, uncertainty, despair and clinical depression. 

By focusing SOLELY on low vision (pun inteneded!), LVSG provides a safe haven that is an informative, and engaging user experice. Content will not get buried somewhere between Acne and Zostavax like other health and wellness sites.
FIRST TALKING LOW VISION WEBSITE *:  LVSG is the FIRST site with EmpowerPeople Online‘s  Inclusive Web Accessibility© technology that re-defines how accessibility SHOULD feel: like People on a Web Without Barriers! When users feel empowered, they become loyal, engaged MEMBERS.
MEMBER-CONTROLLED PRIVACY/ANONYMITY: YOU, the member, are in charge of your own privacy level. Signup options include using a nickname or their real-world name; the choice is yours!  
VIP GROUPS Visual impairment may have brought you here, but we are much, much more than just our low vision! Groups are for FUN, RELAXATION and BELONG TO OUR MEMBERS!