Low Vision Support Group is the first US-based website owned and operated BY and FOR people with low vision with the primary purpose of providing an ACCESSIBLE online community, support and information.

Visually accessible. Built to meet accessibility standards, Low Vision Support Group is screen-reader friendly.Simple graphics, no pop ups or annoying banners, You see the content you want; no barriers.

Support and Hope: Losing vision to untreatable conditions creates unique needs for members. Low vision “veterans” are here to show newcomers that life is NOT over. There are tons of resources and ways to maximize the vision you have left and you can still lead a very productive, fulfilling life!

Governed by members: LVSG is a genuine collaboration; a member – centric support network free from outside interests or agendas. We are self-funded and answer to nobody, so we can focus on all things LOW VISION ! Join today and start engaging, empowering and volunteering (if you can!)


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