Care Management

Low Vision Support Group (LVSG) is the first US-based social networking website privately founded, owned, and run by a legally blind Registered Nurse dedicated to empowering those with Low Vision.

Governed by members, LVSG is a genuine collaboration; a member – centric support network free from outside interests or agendas. Since we are self-funded, we answer to our members. and answer to nobody, so we can focus on all things LOW VISION! Join today and start engaging, empowering, and volunteering (if you can!)

LVSG offers support for those struggling with blindness / low vision / visual impairment in the form of Care Management / Coordination / Navigation.

Many find it challenging to navigate the outside world can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous and too many in the blind / VI community find themselves isolated and cut off by the outside world.

Our Registered Nurse founder-owner offers Care Management for those newly diagnosed or struggling with any progressive, sight-stealing condition for which there is no cure. Just some of the examples include but are not limited to Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Degeneration, Retinopathy, Usher Syndrome, Uveal Coloboma, Lebar congenital amaurosis, etc.

Care Managers guide those with low vision (AND their supporters) through the US healthcare, social services systems to provide resources, tools, and education that will help them adapt to their “new normal”.

Many organizations provide lists of resources and tools, but the Low Vision Support Group’s mission is to proactively advocate for those with low vision to help folks understand and receive the resources available for the blind/visually impaired community.

Individualized care coordination/management team helps navigate the healthcare system, insurance issues, resources, education, and tools for anyone with Low Vision, including their circle of support system.

Due to demand, we are currently recruiting mentors to help newly diagnosed folks how to promote eye health and ensure patients are receiving appropriate and timely care by healthcare professionals and organizations that specialize in low vision.

To inquire about care management, OR to volunteer, text or call Tenayshus (aka Shell) at (657) 529-0809!