Blind Collaboration

Please read the following announcement of the collaboration between Chris Lona with CL Design!

CL Design is very pleased to announce a collaboration with Shellianne Redding, who has joined CL Design as a Capabilities Specialist.

CL Design’s universal designed, accessible talking web presentations have raised the bar on web experiences for the often marginalized population of people with visual, hearing, cognitive, sensory-motor, dexterity, and/or physical impairments. How? By exceeding current accessibility standards through focusing on engaging experiences online to achieve STRAIGHTFORWARD PEOPLE-CENTRIC ACCESSIBLE DESIGN that treats people like people.

A legally blind retired nurse, Shellianne has been a long time staunch and avid supporter of universal, accessible design on the web. She knows first-hand how frustrating assistive technology can be. Shellianne immediately saw the value, benefits, and empowerment that talking web presentations could offer people who are blind, visually impaired and “alt abled” in general and declares that inclusive, talking web presentations are the best investment an organization can make in their website.

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