Privacy Policy

Low Vision Support Group Privacy Policy

Low Vision Support Group was built to be member-centric. We help you connect with friends and family, discover local events and find groups to join. We recognize that people use Low Vision Support Group to connect, but not everyone wants to share everything with everyone – including with us. It’s important that you have choices when it comes to how your data is used. These are the principles that guide how we approach privacy at Low Vision Support Group.

We give you control of your privacy

You should be able to make the privacy choices that are right for you. We want to make sure you know where your privacy controls are and how to adjust them. The edit your profile tool lets you decide who you share with for every post. We develop controls based on feedback from you, our members.

We work hard to keep your information secure

Low Vision Support Group is an online community built with the assumption that each user wants total control over his/her privacy and content visibility. Private forums in our online community are just that; PRIVATE. Users must be registered and logged in before s/he may post. You will NEVER see ads in private, confidential, sensitive, or members-only community forums. Through the use of privacy plugins, our forums are HIDDEN from search engine indexing. WE WILL NEVER PUBLISH YOUR CONTENT. EVER. Our volunteers work around the clock to help protect your accounts, and we build security into every Low Vision Support Group post, page, article, blog, etc. Our security systems run millions of times per second to help catch threats automatically and remove them before they ever reach you.

You own and can delete your information

You own the information you share on Low Vision Support Group. This means you decide what you share and who you share it with on Low Vision Support Group, and the internet. If you post something and then change your mind, YOU have the option to delete it. Once you delete it, it is removed from our servers.

Improvement is constant

We are constantly working to develop new controls and design them in ways that explain things clearly. We are self-funded and look to you, the member to tell us what YOU need in an online community.

We are accountable

In addition to comprehensive privacy reviews, we employ rigorous security features and testing. We also stay abreast of best practices and elicit YOUR feedback about our data practices and policies.